About Biora

20years 1st July 2010
Biora Cosmetics 20th Anniversary



The start
The Biora company was founded on the 1st of July in 1990 by Jan Galatík as the first private manufacturer of cosmetics in Hodonín.
The company used the results of the development of high-molecular hyaluronic acid and Hyal-OK Movisin eye drops, according to patented procedures by Antonin Galatík. These formulations have been approved and widely used in ophthalmology and orthopedics.
Development was conducted in a laboratory of Movis II. company in Skalica in the Slovak Republic, initiated by eye surgeon, Doctor Kubena.
After 1990, Biora began to distribute themand at the same time our product was deemed suitable material as an ingredient in cosmetic collagen.
The importance and possibilities of production of hyaluronic acid technology paved the way for the manufacture of cosmetic products.

In 1991, production began with the first trademarks BIOHAR and BIODERM.

Manufacturing premises
In 1992 the business acquired a manufacturing facility in Hodonín on Slavíkova Street, including the final packaging of products into sterile ampoules for consumers. This was the first use of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics, without using preservatives. BIORA changed the product name and trademark from Bioderm to Bioraderm.

In 1995, the production began of lotions based on hyaluronic acid for regular and daily use. These were the Skin Rejuvenation Water for women and Aftershave Rejuvenation Lotion for men. A dietary supplement was also developed, based on bee pollen, royal jelly and hyaluronan under the trade name Ambrosio H.
Reconstruction of the main building was completed to comply with EU regulations. The manufacturing facility and the main building were fully approved in June, 1995.

Medical cosmetics
In 1996, production began on Biora’s important range of medical cosmetics, led by the massage gel lubricant ligament Biora. It became very popular with sportsmen and people with mobility problems. It replaced, in some cases, expensive injections and extended the application of the active substance, particularly in the prevention of degenerative changes of athletes and the physical problems of the aging.

In 1997, Sun gel was introduced, enabling regeneration of the skin after excessive sunbathing. It is also effective for heat radiation burns. Another interesting product, Off Bite, was introduced for mosquitoe bites. This gel was successfully tested, used and praised on the mosquito plague that followed the floods in Moravia in 1997.

Biora Ltd, growth and the EU
In 2000, the company was transformed into Biora Ltd. Cosmetic manufacture and development have been accompanied by the introduction of food supplements.
Between 2003 and 2004, in relation to EU accession, the company Biora introduced a system method of critical control points and all products comply with all EU regulations.

Bioragel and Collagen
In 2005, the company began development of a cosmetic product based on pure collagen, BIORAGEL. As the first cosmetic product in the form of foam crisp collagen, it was confirmed as effective at suppressing wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

In 2007, the sun product BIORA SUN MILK was developed and we started collaboration with the company JG s.r.o. for the development of other cosmetic products.
After the Czech Republic joined the EU and the Schengen area, new possibilities for business partnership appeared. There has been innovation and improvement across the entire range of cosmetic brands, with Biora products focused particularly on blue chip pharmaceutical suppliers.

Now & the future
The company Biora, Ltd. is currently developing cosmetics and supplements, with assessment of their use, application and the highest standards set by the EU a continual process.