Biora Aftershave

anti-aging aftershave water with regenerative effect
Biora After Shave is facial rejuvenation aftershave, which uses the regenerative effect of hyaluronic acid and collagen for quickly soothing the skin after shaving. Active substances can easily penetrate into the lower layers of the skin and prevent it from drying and redness.
Aftershave adequately hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and fresh. It accelerates healing processes and is thus suitable for sensitive skin types.
Regular use leads to the elimination of skin defects and imperfections, including wrinkles.

Biora After Shave is not only aftershave.

It is a gently perfumed and gelatinous, with an easily absorbable consistency for soothing the skin that you will delight in, and not only after shaving.

You can use it for everyday care of your skin, anytime you need to refresh your skin, and restore it’s natural moisture, and texture.

The active ingredients use anti-aging ingredients to restore your skin to it’s natural, youthful appearance. You will appreciate the rapid retreat of redness and acceleration of healing processes, as well as it’s healing use in acne skincare, for which we recommend Biora After Shave.