Biohar Max

eyelash growth activator
with the Biora Hyaluronic solution

Biohar Max enhances the growth of your eyelashes

Suitable for women and men it promotes growth in thin and weak eyelashes.

It also encourages long term new eyelashes.

Biohar Max
Biohar Max supplies your eyelashes with important nutrition and natural growth supporting polypeptides, all in high concentration.
As a result your eyelashes will get new volume, a healthy look with a stronger structure, better flexibility, strength and thickness.

Biohar Max helps

  • renew and enhance the growth of your eyelashes
  • strengthen the lash root
  • keep the new, healthy long-term growth
  • reduce the lash aging process

Directions for use
Apply Biohar Max on your closed eyelids and rub in gently.Avoid contact with eyes.
For the best results apply 2-3 drops at least twice a day onto each eyelid, for 2-3 weeks.
Biohar-Max eyelash restorer