Biohar Hair Activator

activator of natural hair growth
with hyaluronic acid

Biohar is a highly potent activator of hair. It was developed based on the discovery of natural growth polypeptides.
Initial excellent results were achieved during testing on the most difficult form of complete hair loss – total alopecia.
In cases of hair loss, and thinning hair it has been demonstrated that significant overall regeneration and activation of new hair occurs.
Biohar also sees significantly improvement in the quality of the hair – its strength, flexibility and non-breakage

HMW hyaluronan Biora allows control of crystal-bound water, while purposefully transporting into the scalp growth polypeptides and vitamins. This leads to activation of the hair root.

Where the hair bulb is not traumatically injured, it supports the application of the reproductive cycle in living tissue and leads to a significant activation effect of the hair bulb. When hormonal, genetic, or in cases of alopecia with endocrine disorders, the effect of lower activator Biohar may be less permanent, but overall it is appropriate to use this.

The success rate is 95%, and, in many cases, permanent.

Hyaluronic acid is part of the connective tissue matrix of skin, and it consists of long molecules that are capable of binding large quantities of water. Just enough hydration epidermis is one of the most important factors in resistance, but also in the outer appearance of the skin, and is in close relation to many other influences.
Another important factor conditioning the appearance of skin is turgor (internal strain cells) and resilience. Along with collagen fibers and extracellular matrix, the essential part is hyaluronic acid. If hyaluronan, extracted from high quality natural resources, is the body’s own substance, the external application to the skin is extremely well tolerated.


3-6 years
1-2 weeks
2-4 months
New hair growth
Anagen Catagen Telogen Anagen-new
Active phase of hair growth. Bioharactively promotes quality and speed of biosynthesis. Transient Phase. Hair growth is slowing. Resting phase. Hair bulbs are inactive. The Renewed growth phase. Growing new hair and old hair falls out.

These phases are not synchronized; some hair is in the anagen phase, other hair is in the catagen and telogen phases at the same time. Application of Biohar will positively affect the hair that is found in the growth stage.


Hello, I am very satisfied with the Biohar activator product! I ceased to lose so much hair, and their quality and appearance are much improved. Be sure to buy it again.
Irena B.

Hello, I bought a product Biohar for my wife, as a result of nervous tension that caused heavy hair loss. After a month of application of Biohar, hair stopped falling. We are therefore satisfied with Biohar and will order more soon.
Millan K.

I was extremely satisfied with the activator; after a few days hair loss was softened and after a few weeks it completely stopped.
Alena Z.

Hello, I would like to answer your question about a product Biohar activator. I use it only briefly, but I can say that it helped me. Much of my hair fell down and when I used the activator it stopped. So I was happy and when it exhausts I will order the new one.
Sona U.

I lost a lot of hair and I was helpless. It started in March, I have only ¾ of hair and I have long hair so I worried and decided to buy your products. I must say in three weeks my hair thinning was over. I don´t know whether it was caused by the shampoo or lotion, but I don´t lose my hair anymore and new ones started to grow. Thank you very much; I already thought that I would be bald.
Lenka S.

Not only that my hair started to really grow, but they are also black. It’s your success as I am already 63 years old.
Radoslav L.