Bioraderm Milk

Anti-wrinkle milk with Hyaluronic acid solutionBioraderm-Milk-new

Bioraderm Milk is an anti-wrinkle milk. The very soft milk penetrates easily and deep into the skin layers to take it’s rejuvenating effect.
It treats wrinkles, stretch marks and scars by aiding regrowth of healthy tissue, and preventing new disfigurements showing.
renews the skin elasticity and leaves it smooth, soft and fresh. It actively helps the regeneration of skin cells and promotes the formation of collagen fibres, elastine and healthy hypodermic tissue. The result is perfectly hydrated, healthy and young looking skin.
For a perfect effect we recommend combining usage with the absorbable Bioraderm

Bioraderm Milk is absorbed completely so you can use it for as long as you wish. The active ingredients are the body’s own substances and are exteremely well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive, when applied externally.

Apply Bioraderm Milk onto clean skin using your fingers in a rubbing motion. It is quickly absorbed and there is no need to cleanse or rinse it off. It leaves no visible appearance or greasy skin. Use at least twice a day.

The 50ml pack allows an everyday use for about one month.
Bioraderm Milk is gently perfumed with a anti-allergic fragrance and does not contain dyes.