Bioraderm Facial Pack

facial rejuvenating pack
with the hydrating effect of a strong hyaluronic acid

Bioraderm facial pack has a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid content, which is a great remedy for wrinkles.
Hyaluronic acid is a key foundation for younger skin. Regular use dramatically and quickly reduces the sheer number of already existing wrinkles, as well as helping prevent new wrinkles.
Discover the natural way to real skin rejuvenation. Let your skin be healthy, beautiful, and youthful again.

Bioraderm is absorbed completely; therefore, time efficiency is not limited. Because the active ingredient is a substance of the body’s own, it is extremely well tolerated in the external application of all skin types including sensitive.


Bioraderm is applied to the washed skin and gently rubbed into the skin with fingertips. After a short time it absorbs, leaving no visible spots or oily skin feel. For a strong moisturizing effect protect your skin after application from frost.


The package contains four single ampoules; each ampoule contains a volume of 4 ml. After opening the ampoule, any unused portion may be stored in a cool place for two to three days and then disposed of. Total cure is possible by extending from four to eight days (2ml/day). Bioraderm contains no preservatives or coloring fragrance, it is extremely well tolerated by all skin types, and well absorbed. Its use is unlimited.


I recently tried several Biora products. The effect of using Bioraderm on my skin was very prominent. The product absorbs immediately upon application and the effect is visible within a very short time. My skin felt smoother and moisturised and greatly improved my complexion. I have sensitive skin and I didn’t experience any negative effects.
What’s On Editor, What’s On Magazine

Thanks for Bioraderm, it is really excellent.
Eva U.

Really, really thank you for Bioraderm – it is SUPER!
Renata J.

Bioraderm Facial treatment