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hair care and massage for health

Biora Cosmetic’s  range of health products for regeneration of  hair and healthy body toning.
Active substances affect hair recovery, caused by a number of problems, regenerating and promoting  growth and helping keep your hair healthy and beautiful.
Massage means taking care of your body and properly functioning musculoskeletal system and helps to keep your joints and muscles in good condition. Bio Massage helps improve mobility, relieve pain and acts as a preventive to physical problems.

Discovery of natural growth polypeptides allowed the development of a very effective means for addressing a range of hair. Initial excellent results were achieved during testing on the most hard form of complete loss of hair – so-called total alopecia. In cases of excessive hair loss, but also due to thinning hair, it has been demonstrated that significant overall regeneration and activation of the formation of new hair occurs. Biohar is also reflected in significantly improving the quality of the hair – its strength, flexibility and nonbreakage. MORE INFORMATION>>


Biohar Max enhances the growth of your eyelashes Suitable for women and men it promotes growth in thin and weak eyelashes.
It also encourages long term new eyelashes.
Biohar Max supplies your eyelashes with important nutrition and natural growth supporting polypeptides, all in high concentration.
As a result your eyelashes will get new volume, a healthy look with a stronger structure, better flexibility, strength and thickness.


Injectable hyaluronic acid commonly used to treat joint disease now has an alternative form of massage in the same active ingredient. The first massage form complex, high-molecular hyaluronan produces much broader capabilities and applications for the many musculoskeletal problems, such as joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, etc. The main active ingredient improves lubrication of joints and increases their resistance of damage. The big advantage is the possibility of convenient and frequent applications. The active ingredient helps to regenerate the entire musculoskeletal system and it is very important to prevent painful problems with movement or sports performance.